35 games are available up to 80% off on GOG.com, and this might be the last time we’ll be able to offer them to you. This post, therefore, is not only to notify you about the promo, but mostly to clear out any confusion about our reasons for removing these games from our catalog. This will happen on Tuesday, September 2, at 3:59AM GMT, and that’s also the expiry time for this offer.

Our aim was to give you - as always - best possible DRM-Free digital distribution platform, focused on the people who use it. We believe in freedom of choice and fair treatment for all. For that reason, as we’re introducing local currency payments, we’re following the simple truth that $1 does not equal 1€, in other words, that 1:1 currency exchange rate for digital goods prices make absolutely no sense and are not fair to the buyers. 

For that reason, along with the local currency payment option, we’re starting to use our own pricing scheme that brings the value of non-US Dollar prices as close to their actual equivalents as we can help it. A game with $5.99 price tag - for example - will cost 4.49 Euro, 3.69 Pounds Sterling, 6.49 Australian Dollars, and 219 Roubles respectively. 

Now, this is not your standard approach to pricing - just like our DRM-Free policy is not a standard approach to digital goods ownership. We did our best - and so did all of our partners, to keep all of the games in our catalog and offer them in the pricing scheme we’ve figured out, that we think is fair to all of you guys. Unfortunately, some of our developer and publisher friends had other obligations that made it impossible to reach a common ground. So, despite our combined efforts, the only sensible thing left to do, was to withdraw the problematic titles from our offer for the time being. 

We know this is quite a radical step, and we’re sorry if this causes you any concern. We do hope, that we’ll figure this out in the future and will be able to re-introduce all these games to the GOG.com offer. There’s definitely the will to do that on both ours, and our partners’ side. For the time being, they’ve been kind enough to offer you a last chance to get the games we’re removing from sales with a nice discount, so they can remain in your collections regardless of their future fate on GOG.com. 

That’s it from us, but we thought you might also be interested in a statement from the representative of Nordic Games (known to GOG.com forum regulars as ThomNG), as it’s the part of the catalog most affected by the change.

We know this situation isn’t perfect, but we promise that we did everything we could to handle this in a way that’s least inconvenient and troubling for the gamers.

Kind regards on behalf of the whole GOG.com team!